The year is 1932.  The place is Harbour Grace, Newfoundland where most of the early transatlantic flights take off.  Unfortunately, more of them end in tragedy than in success.  Some crash on takeoff, some crash into the Atlantic Ocean, and some are simply never heard of again. In spite of the danger, 12 year-old Ginny Ross longs to be one of these pioneers of flight.


But the obstacles to her success are enormous. Who will take a 12-year-old seriously?   Where will she find money for flying lessons at the height of the Depression?  Who will try to stop her and who will support her when most pilots at this time are men?


Ginny will need courage, determination, and stubbornness if she wants to make her dream come true.  This leads to one more question.  Does she have what it takes?


"The historical details, the architecture of the town, the daily cuisine (toast with blueberry jam, baked cod and winter vegetables), the currency in pounds, the encounter with a young union organizer named Smallwood on the passenger train, all make for a rich, solid background.  And Ginny makes a great protagonist, full of grit. She brings gumption and momentum to the narrative." -- St.John's The Telegram


"Stemp’s frank and unsentimental portraits of hardship and forbearance ring especially true.  It would be hard for them not to as Stemp has based the town and characters on her own life.  And there are photos to prove it!

This novel for young adults had this not-so-young adult reader captivated  with the landscape of Newfoundland, the history of aviation and travel, and the characters of Ginny and her friends from beginning to end." -- Edwards Book Club



"[Amelia and Me] is appealing because of the historical and regional setting (Great Depression in Newfoundland), the photos of some of the principal characters and locations, and the colourful cast of characters, including the iconic aviator, Amelia Earhart." -- University Of Manitoba: Canadian Review of Materials



"Her description of life in Harbour Grace in the 1930’s rings true in every detail. Her protagonist is charming, warts and all, and we are inspired by her stubborn determination to fly in our dreams." -- Resource Links



"Based on the girlhood experiences of the author’s aunt, this charming historical novel gives girls a spirited and likeable heroine." -- Canadian Children's Book News



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