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April 2024

Now that Beyond Amelia is available, more reviews are arriving. Thanks to Sue Slade at the Dartmouth Book Exchange and Jenn at jenn_bookfiend for their positive reviews. 

See Sue's review in the Miramichi Reader                   See Jenn's review on Instagram

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March 2024

For Women's History Month, I'm happy to share this video about the Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum In Atchison, Kansas. Amelia's birthplace annually honours her contributions to aviation and gender equity.

This year, I've been invited to the Festival, July 18-21, to share Beyond Amelia, the third book in my Ginny Ross series. I can't wait to experience this amazing museum in person!

Video is from Kansas Tourism


 "This National Women's History Month, we're celebrating a Kansas aviation icon. In 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, soaring into the history books as a symbol of female empowerment. A new museum in her hometown of Atchison honors her legacy by inspiring everyone to go after their dreams".

February 2024 

Thank you Rebecca from Canada Reads American Style for your kind review on Instagram! You can find Rebecca's profile here:

Rebecca's review:

Over the course of two weeks, I read the Ginny Ross series: Amelia & Me; Under Amelia’s Wing; and Beyond Amelia (April 16, 2024) by Heather Stemp, and I encourage young readers and adults alike to read all three in order.

In Amelia & Me, Stemp has written a captivating historical novel that weaves in real-life stories of her family from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and their encounter with Amelia Earhart. Main character Ginny Ross is 12 years old and has decided that she wants to be a pilot despite that in 1932 the world was still reeling from the Depression and aviation was not a traditional path for females. Ginny’s passion, stubbornness, and courage are reminiscent of PEI’s Anne of Green Gables.

Under Amelia’s Wing finds Ginny at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana in 1936 pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering and a pilot’s license. Amelia Earhart is also at Purdue serving as a counselor on careers for women and an advisor in the aeronautical engineering department. Their relationship continues until that fateful round-the-world flight.

In the third and final book in the series, Beyond Amelia, it is now 1940 and Ginny is contemplating how she can contribute to the war effort in Europe, especially after watching all of her friends fit neatly into their gender-specific roles.

Stemp has written an exciting, compelling, well-researched series for all ages. Whether the setting is Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, West Lafayette, Indiana, or a white-washed cottage in Ireland, the reader is transported to the time and place in fine detail. So fine, in fact, that I am now diving into all things Earhart-related and planning a pilgrimage to Purdue to view the Amelia Earhart Collection and then to Kansas to see the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum, Archives, and Hangar Museum.

Five stars for each book in the series!

Thank you Nimbus Publishing and Vagrant Press for the Beyond Amelia ARC. 2.jpeg

January 2024

A sneak peek behind the desk. Beyond Amelia hits shelves on April 16th. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, events and news.


December 2023

'Tis the season for friends and family. 

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October 2023

Thank you to Marsha J. Skrypuch for your wonderful shoutout!


"In the lead up to #IReadCanadian day, here's a shout-out to Heather Stemp and her wonderful Amelia/Ginny Ross novels, starting with Amelia and Me. This book is about the indomitable spirit of a young girl in the 1930s who dreams of being a pilot. This book should be read by everyone who is facing daunting odds. Such a good book! And Heather herself is such an inspiration.

ps -- note that this is a library copy. I own the book but withdrew this copy from the library to increase its circulation. Did you know that Canadian authors are remunerated when their books are withdrawn from public libraries? More on that in the comments". 


Summer 2023

It has been a busy summer but Beyond Amelia is finished. The cover art is being finalized and I'll share that as soon as I can. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek at the first page of the book.

The advanced reading copies will be sent out this fall and the book will be available in the spring of 2024. I can't wait to share it with all of you!


February 2023

As a panelist, with the topic, "Teachers as Life-Long Learners", I had a great experience at the Queen's University Educational Conference. I donated Amelia & Me and Under Amelia's Wing as prizes in a raffle to raise funds for a community music program for children. Here I am with the winner, Andrew Chin.

March 2023

What a good time I had sharing stories about early aviation in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland with Matthew McCarthy. He is the Economic Development Officer for the town of Harbour Grace. Our interview will be part of a virtual exhibit developed by the Conception Bay Museum, with funding from Digital Museums Canada. The tentative title is, "Alone Among the Stars: Aviation in Harbour Grace, 1919 to the Present Day. Can't wait to see it! I'll let everyone know when it's available for viewing.

January 2023
I'm excited to be included as a panelist in QCE (Queen's Education Conference) 2023. It will be held from Feb 3-5th at the University. Click the image below for the full list of panelists. 


December 2022

November 2022

The Artisan's Way Market was a great success! Thank you to everyone that joined me at B Real Studios. 

October 2022

Every month, I get together with a few fellow authors to discuss reading and writing. Today we had a special message for all our readers.

#IReadCanadianDay #ReadCanadian #LocalAuthors

With Martha Attema, Louise Ells, Steve Pitt, and Donna Sinclair

September 2022

Today is Read an Ebook Day! Did you know that both Amelia and Me and Under Amelia's Wing are available as ebooks?

Click the link here to add them to your digital collection!

Amelia and Me: Amelia and Me: Book 1 in the Ginny Ross series eBook by Heather Stemp Kobo Edition |

Under Amelia's Wing: Under Amelia's Wing: Book 2 in the Ginny Ross series eBook by Heather Stemp Kobo Edition |

ebook day.jpg

August 2022

I've traded this, for this. Notice the glass of champagne and the smile on my face in the second picture. Beyond Amelia (working title) is now in the hands of my editor at Nimbus Publishing. Let my summer begin!


July 2022

 I had the pleasure of presenting my books at the Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchison, Kansas a few weeks ago. Thanks to Jacque Pregont and her team for a wonderful welcome.  


May 2022

Congratulations to all the nominees for the Red Maple Award and congratulations to the winner The King of Jam Sandwiches, by Eric Walters. Watch my Forest Friday Virtual Author Visit below! 

June 2022

Getting close to the end. Book 3 draft is finished and I'm currently working on edits.

Wishing you all a fantastic summer. 


April 2022

I had fun at the Canadian Independent Bookstore Day celebration at Allison the Bookman last Saturday. I got the chance to chat with customers and other authors. Many thanks to Annette for her continued support of local authors.



March 2022

For International Women's Day, I have a clip from a virtual classroom presentation I made for the second book in the Ginny Ross series, Under Amelia's Wing. In 1936, Amelia Earhart was a part-time career counsellor for women at Purdue University. In this role, she encouraged young women to consider professions they might pursue following their graduation.

I think Amelia Earhart is a good representative of International Women's Day.


February 2022

I'm continuing my research for book 3 in the Ginny Ross Series. Chris is a resource person who lives in England. Her research on early aviation has been so valuable. I hope we can meet in person in the near future.


feb research.jpg

January 2022

I am pleased to share that you can now book me to visit your classroom or event through Author's Booking Service! ​



December 2021

Happy Holidays.png

November 2021

Thank you Allison The Bookman for hosting Under Amelia's Wing book signing on November 27th. It was a great success and I enjoyed talking to everyone who dropped in.  Check out the Facebook Live I did on location! 



October 2021

I am thrilled that Under Amelia's Wing has been nominated for the Forest of Reading Red Maple Award. I'm in the company of some amazing writers! Congratulations to all the nominees. Learn more here!

Learn more here:

#forestofreading #IReadCanadian


red maple nomination.png

August 2021

The research for book three continues.

I particularly like using historical photos and maps. The map above my desk shows Gander Airport during World War II. Book 3, working title - Beyond Amelia, is partially set there in 1940 - 41. I had to photocopy the original map in sections and then reassemble them. My husband, Don, had to help me because I'm very poor at jigsaw puzzles!

aug 21_edited.jpg

September 2021

I'm thrilled that Under Amelia's Wing has been nominated for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People. I'm in the company of some amazing writers: Heather Smith, Kathy Kacer, Nadine Neema, and Jordyn Taylor. Congratulations to all.

Learn more here!


July 2021

Hoping to get to the cottage for an extended stay. Swimming, kayaking, and writing sound like a good way to spend the rest of the summer. Hope the weather cooperates!





June 2021

Here is the interview with Greg Estabrooks from Yourtv North Bay which aired on Wednesday, June 2nd. It was a great experience to share my research on Amelia Earhart.

Both books are available locally at Allison the Bookman and online at Indigo, Chapters and Coles.






May 2021

This is an amazing video of Amelia Earhart in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, on this day in 1932. She put the thermos of soup that my aunt, Ginny Ross, prepared into her plane, talked to reporters, signed autographs, and discussed her route with her advisors. Just before Amelia climbed into her plane, a floatplane passed overhead.




May 20th, 1932: At 7:00 PM the engine turned over and Amelia Earhart departed from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland in her red Lockheed Vega on her solo, nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. On May 20th - 21st, Earhart became the first woman, and the only person since Charles Lindbergh, to fly nonstop and alone across the Atlantic. Fifteen hours later, she landed in Gallagher's field, 6 miles from Londonderry, Northern Ireland.


April 2021

I was thrilled to receive this wonderful video from Bryan Hood (Copa Flight 97–aviator group) which shows what Amelia Earhart would have seen on her approach to the Harbour Grace Airstrip on May 20, 1932. She flew in from St. John, New Brunswick at approximately 2 PM. She rested at the Archibald Hotel where she met my great aunt, Rose Archibald, and my aunt, Ginny Ross. She went back to the airstrip before 7 PM and took off shortly after. Many hours later she landed in Gallagher's field, 6 miles from Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Bryan has kindly offered to take me on Amelia's approach to the airstrip as soon as it is safe to go to Newfoundland in person. I'm still hoping for an in-person launch of Under Amelia's Wing in Harbour Grace but only time will tell! In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy this video. (Don't forget to turn on the sound for the narration.)

March 2021

Happy International Women's Day.png

February 2021

Did you know that February 17 is I Read Canadian Day? Support Canadian authors and illustrators and celebrate Canadian culture by reading a Canadian book to kids for just 15 minutes. #NowMoreThanEver we are reminded why books are important. February 17 is I Read Canadian Day and nation-wide young people will be reading Canadian for 15 minutes.

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January 2021

The reviews are in! Amelia & Me and Under Amelia’s Wing have been reviewed by Parry Sound Books, Kirkus Reviews and The Chronicle Herald. Click the images below to read the full reviews. 

Highlights a plucky role model for the a
saltwire review.png
under wing.png
parry sound books.png

December 2020

I'm pleased to be a part of the group, Seven Books A-Gifting. The group consists of 7 local authors, Barry Grills, Donna Sinclair, Martha Attema, Rod Carley, Jennifer Rouse Barbeau, Louise Ells and myself. You can learn more about our books and find where to buy them on our Facebook Page,


November 2020

Thank you Hariett Madigan for inviting me to present my second book, Under Amelia's Wing, to the ladies at Living Fit. It's always a pleasure to reconnect with familiar faces, even if it's virtual.

Congratulations to Maureen for winning a free book.

October 2020

This Thanksgiving Weekend, I’m especially thankful for my grandson, Charlie, who filmed and edited this virtual book launch. Thanks to the rest of my family for their love and support during the writing of Under Amelia’s Wing, the second book in the Ginny Ross Series.

Enjoy this weekend and stay safe!

August 2020

Happy Book Lovers' Day!

I'm sure you all have your favourites. One of mine is Island, a book of short stories by Alistair MacLeod. Whether it's an old favourite or something new, pick up a book today and enjoy a good read.

book lovers day.jpg

July 2020

It's Amelia Earhart Day! Happy 124th Birthday Amelia.

I am excited to announce I will be a featured author at the 25th Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchison, Kansas. The date is set for the 3rd weekend of July 2021.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 cancelled the 2020 festival but check out the 2019 brochure for more information. Click here to view the brochure:…/u…/2019/05/AE_Brochure_Web-1.pdf

I will be a featured author at 'Breakfast with the Books' where I'll be presenting Amelia & Me and Under Amelia's Wing.


July 2020

Eighty-three years ago today Amelia Earhart's aviation career ended. In this Pathé News report, read the details of her last few hours.

Pathé News reports were shown in movie theatres before the featured film.

July 2020

Back at the cottage for Canada Day and for the rest of summer. We've doubled our bubble with our son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, and grand dog. There is no better place to be in isolation! Hope you enjoy Canada Day wherever you are. Stay safe everyone.


June 2020

If you would like to pre-order the books, you can do so HERE

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May 2020

April showers, bring May flowers. My granddaughter decided to bring them inside by using window markers. Make the image bigger to see how intricate it is.


April 2020

I’m still hunkered down in response to COVID-19 but Maggie is enjoying the change in season. The ice is off the lake and Maggie is in her element.

IMG_20200417_144916 (3).jpg

March 2020

I'm "hunkered down" in response to Covid-19. The highlight of my day is walking my grand dog, Maggie, far from human habitation. Maggie and I are practicing social distancing! (She refuses to wear a mask.)


February 2020


Nimbus Publishing updated the Amelia & Me book cover and gave it a refreshing revamp! The red title really makes it pop and the title art was updated to match the new sequel, Under Amelia's Wing.

new amelia and me book cover.jpg

January 2020


I am so excited to share my new book, Under Amelia's Wing! The photo on the cover was taken in the fall of 1936 at Purdue University and shows Amelia sitting on the nose of the Lockheed Model 10 Electra that she flew around the world. Co-eds from Purdue University are standing under the wings.  

under amelia's wing book cover.jpg

December 2019


Went on a Caribbean cruise and stopped at many beautiful islands. I love swimming in the ocean!

cruise dec.jpg

November 2019


I had a great time meeting with the young ladies and gentlemen at the Christmas market this past weekend.  I met another local author and exchanged books as well! Follow me on my Facebook page to see where I'll be next. 

local author.jpg

October 2019


I am proud to officially announce the new title of the sequel to Amelia and Me...


September 2019

I had an amazing time visiting Nipissing University 's Faculty of Education to talk about the value of using historical fiction in the social studies and language arts classrooms!

These guys were great sports!

July 2019

Amelia spent the rest of the month of June 1937, flying around the world.  She continued sending reports that were carried by newspapers and radio stations.  Some photos were taken and circulated but at most stops, a photographer wasn't available.  The rest of her route looked like this (click here)

Here is the newspaper report from Lae.  It contains information to support the idea that this was the most dangerous part of the whole trip.  

"They reached Lae, New Guinea, after a 1,200-mile flight in 7 and 3/4 hours. The engines were thoroughly checked, the spark plugs cleaned, and the fuel pump and the autopilot repaired. Everything not needed for the transpacific flight, including parachutes and some survival equipment, was packed to be sent home. Earhart cabled the last of her articles to the New York Herald Tribune. She then met with senior government officials and took care of details such as fumigation of the plane, a check of immunization certificates, and customs clearance.

There are reports that Noonan and Earhart were exhausted at that point, causing a delay in their takeoff for Howland, 2,227 nautical miles from Lae. Meanwhile, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Itasca is waiting off Howland to act as a radio contact. The Navy has a weather officer and two mechanics waiting on the island with a run-in cylinder assembly, new spark plugs, oil, gas, and food. 

A seaplane tender, USS Swan, is approximately 200 miles northeast of the island to monitor the Howland/ Hawaii leg. Other ships – USS Ontario and USS Myrtle Bank – are positioned along the intended flight track between the Nukumanu Islands and Howland Island."

In the next post, I'll describe the final stage of Amelia's round the world flight.

final flight_edited.jpg

June 2019 

June is a busy month historically for Amelia Earhart. The following entries are about her transatlantic flights. 

First Entry...

The bright sun today reminds me of the transatlantic flying season, especially out of Newfoundland. The North Atlantic in winter was a crossing that no aviator would ever attempt.

That meant the flights were restricted to the late spring and summer months. For example, on June 17, 1928 Amelia Earhart flew out of Trepassey to become the first woman to cross the Atlantic. She was grateful for the opportunity to make the trip but compared her passenger status to "a bag of potatoes" in the back of the plane. She vowed the next time she crossed the Atlantic she would fly the plane herself.

Second Entry...

Amelia Earhart's second transatlantic flight from Newfoundland was on May 20, 1932.  And she did fly the plane herself, just as she vowed she would do following her 1928 flight from Trepassey.  She left from Harbour Grace and landed in Gallagher's field, near Londonderry Ireland, the next day.  Needless to say, this was not her intended destination so there were no crowds to meet her.  One of Gallagher's farm hands ran to the plane when it finally stopped and through him the news of her landing spread by word of mouth to Londonderry and then by teletype around the world.  My favorite picture from this flight is one that was staged for the photographers the following day.  It shows Amelia climbing out of her plane and a crowd of people greeting her.  The crowd was actually made up of photographers, reporters, and local people who had been assembled for the picture.

1st post.jpg

Third Entry... 

The weather was always a factor in early aviation but, unlike the transatlantic flights from Newfoundland, warmer climates allowed flights throughout the year.  That was why Amelia Earhart's round-the-world flight began in Oakland, California on March 17, 1937.


Bulletin – Oakland California, March 17 – Special. Three hours and 16 min. after she took off on the first leg of her world flight (9:13 PM CST), Amelia Earhart radioed, "All is well. Plane acting fine." Although her exact position was not given, she is reported to be 365 miles offshore en route to Honolulu.

Two reports appeared on March 19. Amelia Five Minutes Ahead of Schedule; Gives Vivid Description of 2,400 Mile Hop. This article was written by Amelia as soon as she, Fred Noonan, and Harry Manning landed in Honolulu, at 5:29 a.m. The two men were her navigators. She intended to take off on the next leg of her flight the same night. However, that wasn't possible. 

The second article explained why. Amelia Earhart Awaits Favourable Weather Reports Before Making 1,800 Mile Flight to Howland Island. 

On March 20, 1937, the news was not good.  A radio station issued the following report. "Early this morning Amelia Earhart crashed her flying laboratory while taking off from Luke Field in Honolulu, Hawaii. 


Fortunately, Miss Earhart cut the engines and avoided a fire. She, Fred Noonan, and Harry Manning walked away without a scratch. I can't say the same for the aircraft. My understanding is it will be brought by ship to the Lockheed plant in Burbank, California for repair."

2nd post.jpg
Fourth Entry...

By the time the plane was repaired, two months had passed since Amelia's first attempt and it was now monsoon season in Asia and the Pacific. Flying through monsoon rains is very dangerous and the muddy fields would make take-offs almost impossible. 


Amelia had to change her plans. Instead of flying east to west, she planned to fly west to east.  From California, her first stop would be Miami, Florida. On this new route, Harry Manning wasn't available as advisor/navigator. He had to return to work before Fred Noonan and Amelia were scheduled to leave Florida. As he did for her first attempt, Amelia's husband, George Putnam, made all the arrangements for her new route.

March 26, 1937, Purdue Exponent (Amelia was working at Purdue before her flight) reported,  Amelia Back; Confidence Unshaken. "Nothing has happened to change my attitude toward the original project. Instead, I feel better about the ship itself than I ever have. And I'm more eager than ever to fly it again. If all goes well, I hope the plane may be reconditioned in from 30 to 60 days."

3rd post.jpg

Here is Amelia's report for June 2, 1937.  "We left the Miami International Airport at 5:56 AM (EST) today. For 13 minutes we climbed slowly, swinging southerly on our course toward Puerto Rico".

A second report, in the June 2 Exponent was by W.F. O'Reilly of the New York Herald Tribune. In it, he described Amelia's landing in San Juan, Puerto Rico at 12:30 p.m. (CST). "The 1,033 miles took 7 hours and 34 minutes to complete". 


Amelia Earhart (Wikipedia photo)

170741835refuel plane.jpg

Oct 2017 Caught up with some old friends 

Had a great visit with family and friends in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.

Took my brother Jim's ashes to our family gravesite in Harbour Grace. The site hadn't been tended in a year, so we cut the grass and added flowers. Jim is now resting with his parents and grandparents.

A Reunion of old Harbour Grace friends, Kevin Gear on the left, me, Joan Parsons, and Ron Howell. We hadn't seen each other in 60 years.

September 2017

Plans for our trip to Newfoundland at the end of the month are complete. I have more research to do at The Rooms in St. John's and the North Atlantic Aviation Museum in Gander regarding the Ferry Command in WW2.

Construction of the air base at Gander.

August 2017

The highlight of the summer was a cruise with our younger two grandchildren.

Seven-day return cruise from New York to Bermuda.

Took the ferry from the Naval Dockyards (where our ship was moored) to Hamilton.
Visited the crystal caves.
Back in New York, couldn't get tickets for Hamilton but saw Anastasia instead. A wonderful performance.
A quiet cocktail before meeting the kids for dinner.

July 2017

Writing and presenting have slowed down for the summer which has left more time for family and friends.

Celebrated our 50th anniversary in Montreal with our children, grandchildren and friends. It's hard to believe 50 years have gone by. Until I look in the mirror, I think I still look like that!

June 2017

My article appeared in the June issue of  Downhome magazine.  Writing it made me very homesick for Harbour Grace and my family there.  It must be time to plan another trip  to Newfoundland.


My cousin Charles Coe, my brother Jim, our dog Laddie, and me on the front steps of Uncle Harry's house on Brazil Lane

May 2017

On a wet, cold day in North Bay, I feel warm and cozy as I look at photos of my first summer in Newfoundland. It was 1958 and I was 12 years old. These photos will accompany my next article in Downhome magazine.

Mom and I on a Trans Canada Airlines, "North Star",  on our way to St. John's.
Best friends in the summer of'58. I'm on the left, Joan Parsons in the middle, and my cousin, Diane Archibald on the right.
The Rosses swimming at the Gullies. I'm on the left, Marene, Jim, and Michele on my right.
Aunt Rose Archibald's Hotel in Harbour Grace.
Aunt Rose on the left and my grandmother, Renie Ross, on the right.
A family picnic at Rocky Pond.

April 2017

Had a great time presenting Amelia and Me at the North Bay Grandmothers for Africa Event. This chapter of the  Stephen Lewis Foundation supports grandmothers who are raising children whose parents have died from AIDS. The fundraiser was held at Trinity United Church, North Bay, on March 26th and featured music, readings and book signings. Those attendees and presenters who were able to get through the ice storm had lots of fun. The grandmothers raised over $2,000. 



A member of the band, Elaine Hamden, plays Amelia Earhart in an interview about her world flight in 1937
A picture from Amelia and Me
Donna Sinclair and Martha listening to my presentation. Donna read from her book, The Long View: An Elderwoman's Book of Wisdom
Martha Attema is dressed in a WW2 fashion while talking about her books set in that time (A Time to Choose, Daughter of Light, Hero and When the War is Over).

February 2017

Completed the editing of the video I took of my B25 Mitchell flight at the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum in Hamilton, ON

December 2016

The article acknowledged by Flanker Press "Heather Stemp, author of Amelia and Me, has a wonderful article about Gloria Durham and the RAF base in Gander in this month's Downhome Magazine!"

December 2016

Travelled to Newmarket, Ontario to interview Gloria Lindsay in preparation for the second article in Downhome magazine and spent many hours talking about Gloria's experiences as a radio operator with the Ferry Command, Gander, Newfoundland in World War II

Radio operators at work
A page from Gloria's scrap book with her written captions
north bay library 2017.jpg
1611114959Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 11.1

The RAF Norseman gasses up in Gander in the 1940s.

November 2016

Published an article! The article acknowledged by Flanker Press "Heather Stemp, author of Amelia and Me, has a fascinating article about Hazel (Bjornstad) Fausak and the Ferry Command in this month's Downhome Magazine!"

October 2016

Spoke to the family of Hazel Fausak (Bjornstad) in preparation for her story in Downhome magazine and completed the article about Hazel's experiences in the Ferry Command where she was a radio operator

Hazel and Marcel at work
This is the H building where the female radio operators lived on the second floor at Gander Airport, Newfoundland

Hazel at the "front desk," with Marcel A. receiving a message at one of the stations (Courtesy North Atlantic Aviation Museum)

September 2016

  • Reviewed my research material for Taking Flight and found information and photographs from the North Atlantic Aviation Museum, Gander Newfoundland

  • Pitched two articles to Janice Stuckless, Downhome Magazine, and she accepted Hazel Fausek's story for the November issue and Gloria Lindsay's story for the December issue

August 2016

Finished writing Taking Flight!

May 2016

Presented research and pictures for Taking Flight at Living Fit Inside Out Women's Club, North Bay, Ontario

After the meeting Claudette Daigle and I look up Amelia Earhart's round the world flight

April 2016

Spent time in the National Archives, Ottawa doing research for Taking Flight

Operations Room at Newfoundland Airport (later Gander Airport)
Servicing Hudson bombers at the Newfoundland Airport in 1940

March 2016

Visited St. Gregory Catholic Elementary School

February 2016

Attended the San Miguel Writers' Conference in Central Mexico

Working on my Taking Flight, at the writers' conference in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

October 19-23, 2015

Research for Taking Flight takes me to Gander, NF

October 16, 2015

Research continues for book Taking Flight at the Rooms Provincial Archives in St. John's, NF

View overlooking the harbour

September 9, 2015

Visited the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum and flew in a B-25 Mitchell Bomber as research for my second book Taking Flight. Learn more here:


May 9, 2015

Red Cedar award ceremony at the Central Library in Vancouver, BC and met a lot of new friends and followers of Amelia and Me

The library club from a local Vancouver school.

February 11-15, 2015

News Flash!Even writers go back to school! San Miguel Writer's Conference, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 

January 27, 2015

Classroom Presentation of Amelia and Me at École G. Théberge, Témiscaming, Québec

May 14, 2014

Announcement! Amelia and Me named to the shortlist for the 2014/2015 Red Cedar Book Award

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